We live the country, breathe the country and spend every other given minute outdoors with our beautiful dogs - Our reviews say it all...





Rescued as a wee puppy, MeeMoo had a very tuff start in life and as a result was a very timid and untrusting pup. With much love and care she soon reignited her faith in people and found her forever home with us. Two years on, little did we know our little curly God send would become our Angel. MeeMoo is the four legged love in our lives. The inspiration, drive and joy behind our ‘Home made’ business. 




Following a terribly tragic loss in the immediate family, our lives were tipped upside down and shaken hard. Depression, like a looming black cloud, hung over. It is in our darkest moments we found light with our dogs in and amongst nature.


MeeMoo our angel showed us the way, she made the mornings worth getting up for, she lapped up our tears, played comedian and literally became our anti depressants. It is from our time with MeeMoo and her four legged companions (including her tall horsey ones) we found total serenity and peace from their companionship.


It soon became apparent that the corporate 9 to 5 rat race just wasn’t worth it. With revelations induced by our time with our dogs and nature, we decided to create a home run business to encompass our passion and love for dogs and the great outdoors, hence forth - MeeMoo’s Maison. 


Whilst working from home we open our garden gate and every other door within the household to further four legged friends and run a small and very loving home environment boarding service.






5 Star Licensed Home Boarding Service 020634/01 - Miss Stephanie Jost

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