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  • What's the first steps for new customers?
    FAMILIARISATION: We ensure the best dog combination and ask all of our new clients to fill out our form and join us for a familiarisation meeting before booking your day boarding schedule. In some cases we may ask to visit you and your dog in their home environment before organising a familiarisation at the Maison. Please drop us a message, we would only be too happy to chat about your furbaby and requirements. Please note that we DO NOT accept Aggressive, unruly or untrained dogs. Dogs under the age of 1 years Dogs that have not been neutered/spayed. More than two dogs from the same household.
  • Do I need to fill in a form?
    Yes, MeeMoo's Maison wants to ensure your pooch will has a fabulous time with us. We kindly ask that you take the time to fill our form with as much detail so we get to know all about your baby's(ies) home from home needs, routines and comforts. We ask that the form is submitted prior to our familiarisation meeting and we also request proof of your dog’s up to date vaccinations prior to visiting.
  • Will my dog need to do a day trial?
    Yes indeedy! After our familiarisation, if all goes well we'll get your furbaby booked in for their day trial. Starting with half a day, it's the best way for any new guests to get comfortable with their daycare digs and experience a lovely long walk and playtime with their new friends before mum or dad pick them up.
  • What If my dog doesn't gel with the resident dogs?
    We want all the dogs in our care to love the maison as their home from home and we therefore pride ourselves on ensuring the best combination for the enjoyment and enrichment of all of the dogs in our care. If for whatever reason there is a pooch personality clash, MeeMoo's Maison retains the right to refuse a dog for the safety and well-being of the other dogs in our care.
  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
    Yes, for their health as-well as yours and other dogs. Due to the welfare of the dogs residing in our care and as per the requirements of our license, we are unable to accept dogs without the adequate level of inoculations / vaccinations. Owners must provide proof of the dog(s) up to date inoculations and vaccinations prior to any visit to the Maison.
  • What about flea and worming treatments?
    All dogs in our care must be up to date on the prevention of both fleas and worms as well as being upto date on their vaccinations. Holiday Boarding- We ask that you ensure that your dog(s) flea and tick prevention treatments cover them for the duration of their stay whilst at the Maison. If in the case, your pet will need his or hers flea or routine worming prevention product administered during their stay. Please advise us and supply the adequate prescription for your dog(s) with the dosage and date for administration. Please note we can only administer oral and externally applied treatments.
  • Do I need to book and pay for the same days each week?
    Yes. All of our daycare clients must enrol for a regular weekly service. Just like a children’s nursery, we ask for commitment throughout the year to ensure your furbabies spot. There is a minimum booking of one day per week on an ongoing basis. This ensures all the dogs are happy, settled and look forward to their weekly visits. We understand that sometimes you may need a little bit of flexibility so we will always try to accommodate any changes you need if we can or additional days or night stays. * We do not charge during our own holiday time or when closed between Christmas and New Year (24th December - 2nd Jan).
  • Drop off / Collection Times
    Daycare is up to 8.5hours. Drop off / Collection Times are agreed between the owner and the MeeMoo's Maison. The earliest you may drop off your dog is 8.30am and the latest pick up is 6.30pm unless agreed otherwise. (Up to 8.5 hours daycare, each subsequent hour will be charged at £7 per hour). Night Stays - Up to 24 hours (8.30am until 8.30am) Time exceeding that will be charged as a full day as we are unable to accept another dog for that day. Please see our rates for weekends, night stays and national holidays :
  • Does the Maison offer sleepovers and holiday boarding?
    Yes, we do! BUT only for our regular weekly daycare goers. Furbabies have full access to our home, beds and sofas for the adhoc sleepover. We love a snuggle and a cuddle just as much as the four-legged family! Please see our rates:
  • Payment
    Daycare is paid one month in advance unless agreed otherwise. Bank details are supplied within personal invoices. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Debit Card.
  • Cancellations
    MeeMoo's Maison isn't like most other boarding companies- we are not a large business as we only accept a small number of dogs so cancellations do really affect us. Daycare - Dogs must enrol for a regular weekly service. We ask that our clients commitment to their daycare days per week and we invoice monthly. We try and offer some flexibility so you can book extra days as and when needed or change day every now and then *Subject to availability. Holiday boarding / Night stays Our cancellation charges are as such: Cancellations up until one month before will be charged at 25% of the total invoice. (We request a 25% deposit for holiday bookings). Cancellations one month to two weeks prior to your dogs daycare /boarding will be charged at 50% of the total boarding invoice. Cancellations less than 14 days will be 100% of the total boarding invoice. *In extreme circumstances, where the Maison can not provide the service agreed, we endeavour to give 24 hours notice and where possible, we will try to find alternative boarding facilities. MeeMoo's Maison can not be made accountable for any losses on this basis but any monies paid for boarding we have to cancel will be fully reimbursed.
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